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Indications & Dosage

XIGDUO XR combines two medications, dapagliflozin (an SGLT2 inhibitor) and metformin (a biguanide), and is intended to aid in controlling blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus when used alongside proper diet and exercise. Additionally, dapagliflozin is prescribed to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization due to heart failure in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus and established cardiovascular disease or multiple cardiovascular risk factors. It also lowers the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization for heart failure in adults with heart failure (NYHA class II-IV) with reduced ejection fraction, and decreases the risk of sustained eGFR decline, end-stage kidney disease, cardiovascular death, and hospitalization for heart failure in adults with chronic kidney disease at risk of progression.

Xigduo xr dosage

• Prior to initiation and periodically thereafter, evaluate renal function.
• Prior to initiation, assess volume status and correct any depletion.
• Determine the starting dose based on the patient's current treatment, and individualize it.
• Administer the medication orally once daily in the morning with food.
• For patients who are not already taking dapagliflozin, the recommended starting dose is 5 mg once daily to improve glycemic control.
• For indications related to heart failure and chronic kidney disease, the recommended dose is 10 mg once daily.
• Do not exceed a daily dose of 10 mg dapagliflozin/2,000 mg metformin HCl extended-release.
• For use in patients with renal impairment, refer to the Full Prescribing Information.
• XIGDUO XR may need to be discontinued before or during iodinated contrast imaging procedures.

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Xigduo xr 10/500 side effects

XIGDUO XR contains metformin, which can result in a rare but severe medical condition known as lactic acidosis, characterized by an accumulation of acid in the blood that can lead to death. It is imperative to seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms, which could indicate lactic acidosis: • Feeling cold in your hands or feet • Dizziness or lightheadedness • Slow or irregular heartbeat • Extreme weakness or fatigue • Unusual muscle pain • Breathing difficulties • Unusual sleepiness or prolonged sleep • Stomach pains, nausea, or vomiting

Most individuals who have developed lactic acidosis while taking metformin had additional underlying conditions or factors that, when combined with metformin use, contributed to the development of the condition. It is essential to inform your healthcare provider if you have any of the following conditions, as they may increase your risk of developing lactic acidosis with XIGDUO XR: • Severe kidney problems or kidney damage from certain x-ray tests that involve injectable dye. • Liver problems • Regular alcohol consumption or binge drinking • Dehydration due to fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive sweating without sufficient fluid intake • Recent surgery • Worsening symptoms of congestive heart failure, such as shortness of breath or increased fluid retention and swelling in the legs • A recent heart attack, severe infection, or stroke • Age 65 years or older

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WarningsDon't take the drug without consulting a qualified doctor or physician
Suggested useFollow the doctor's advice
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I am pleased to share the Xigduo XR from BonHoa has been instrumental in helping me shed extra pounds and manage my high blood sugar levels. With its help, I can now walk 10 km without any difficulties, and it feels like a miracle drug to me. I am thrilled that I was able to obtain this medication from India, and it has proven to be very effective for me thus far. I take it in combination with Trulicity, and while I cannot predict the future, I am optimistic that it will continue to benefit me in the long run. God bless.

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    xigduo xr 10mg 500mg

    xigduo xr 10mg 500mg

    dapagliflozin 5 mg+metformin 500 mg


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