Legal Notice

We have a strict policy against narcotics drugs or controlled substances to our valued customers under any circumstances. We only provide products that are manufactured by the listed company in the world. All of the medicine available with us are manufactured by reputable companies like Natco, Beacon, Mylan and Cipla. We provide a wide range of pharmaceutical products. We assure you that you will find the best variety of products available only at BonHoa Health Care.

Important Notification: For all the patients, you need to have a prescriptionAll the medicine should be administered under the supervision of your doctor. Don't take the medicine without consulting a qualified doctor or physician. 


All our medicines can not sales to US and EU and other development countries. We are a non-profit company that only available for the customers from one of the poorest countries or the people who can not afford in the world. For the poor families, we also have free shipment program to support the families and patients. You can contact with our customer support if you want to apply.