Suninat (Sunitinib Malate) 50mg

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Indications & Dosage

Sunitinib Malate is a kinase inhibitor indicated for the treatment of:

  1. Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) after disease progression on or intolerance to imatinib mesylate.
  2. Advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC).
  3. Progressive, well-differentiated pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (pNET) in patients with unresectable locally advanced or metastatic disease.
  4. Adult patients at high risk of recurrent RCC following nephrectomy.

Additional Info

Package Quantity28
WarningsDon't take the drug without consulting a qualified doctor or physician.
Suggested useFollow the doctor's advice
By symptomadvanced kidney cancer/renal cell carcinoma
Delivery & Returns10-20 days

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2018-01-08 21:10:57
God bless Me and You

I have been on the generic Sutent now for 13 months. The full monty at 50 mg. It seems to be doing its main job which is to shrink and freeze the metastasis I have in lungs. I am told my own side effects are mild compared with most. The ones with medical significance and danger are under control - these are the high blood pressure, which is under control with additional blood pressure pills, and the messed up thyroid, also under control with pills. The main things that bothers me are the gastro side effects. I cannot get the diarrhea under control. The painful violent gas now seems controllable using Simethicone. I get a very acidy stomach with heartburn in last two weeks of cycle. Sometimes can relieve with milk.God bless me, God bless the generic online pharmacy can be know for more patients

    2017-12-17 21:19:12
    God Bless me

    I am still on Indian Sutent 50mgs due to slight growth in the left lung otherwise stable. I have battled Ecoli this summer, that I got eating cooked seafood out of town. Otherwise I will celebrate my 5 year cancer Birthday. God bless me. The price is good. It's very bad that Natco stop the cheap Suninat that I have to change to anther Generic Sutent next month.

      2017-11-25 09:30:03
      Thank you so much

      I just celebrated my 1 year Cancer Birthday in November thanks to Bonhoa. The side effects are all treatable, although I had to stop working full time I have an excellent quality of life! I am very grateful to your website and affordable India "Sutent".

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        Suninat (Sunitinib Malate) 50mg

        Suninat (Sunitinib Malate) 50mg

        Sunitinib Malate 50mg